The New Conservatory in Leeds

The New Conservatory is situated right in the heart of Leeds City centre, just round the corner from the Trinity shopping centre. The building and bar itself is rich in history and certainly unique as it is one of Leeds' oldest venues that dates back to 1937. This place may be historic, but there's definitely nothing... Continue Reading →


Simply Cook

Let's be honest, it's no secret that the majority of us students aren't exactly pro cooks or even really that bothered about what nutrients, or lack of, goes into our meals. On the go, quick and simple foods/meals tend to be the go to options for many given the hectic schedules of deadlines, exams and of... Continue Reading →

Water Lane Boathouse in Leeds

The refreshing crisp air, the peace and quiet and the water gently flowing... how wonderful. Unfortunately, that's not a pleasure we regularly get to find in the hustle and bustle of living in the great big place that is Leeds. But, if you look hard enough, you'll be pleased to know that there is a part of city that... Continue Reading →

Poco! Sicilian Street Food in Leeds

There's just something about Italian food isn't there? Tasty, doughy pizza, warm fresh pasta - delizioso! Real Italian food is fresh, homemade and uses only the best ingredients, something students and those on budgets tend to not have a lot of... it's okay to admit it, we've all been there and ordered takeaway pizza. But... Continue Reading →

Wapentake in Leeds

First things first - if you have never been here before, you must go. It is a hidden gem that needs to be found! The food is delicious, the venue is unique and the atmosphere is so welcoming. Wapentake is one not to be missed! This artisan bakery, café and bar is situated on Kirkgate just slightly out... Continue Reading →

Smokin’ bar & kitchen in Leeds

Just down from Leeds Art Gallery you can find the newly opened Smokin' Bar & Kitchen. The venue is truly unique and feels on trend, cool and quirky from its décor to its cocktails and of course its tasty food. As day turns to night this venue transforms into a lively cocktail bar and their menu is one with... Continue Reading →

Head of Steam in Headingley

If you're a student in Leeds there's a huge chance that you'll currently live or will at some point, in or around Headingley. This is a good thing for many reasons - close to uni, close to the city centre being Leeds and more importantly, there's some decent restaurants and bars so your social life... Continue Reading →

Vegan eateries in Leeds

As more and more people are growing interested in becoming a vegan or sampling vegan food, there's no surprise that new vegan restaurants are opening or current venues are adapting their menus to cater. The previous post looked into veganuary, the facts and also the opinions of young people living in Leeds about becoming vegan. A concern... Continue Reading →

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