I absolutely love visiting and exploring new places and Edinburgh has been my most recent adventure. My boyfriend and I visited for our 1 year anniversary, just over a month ago now, and we spent a few days doing as much sight seeing and eating and drinking there as we could.

Now- for anyone who knows me, accents, particularly very distinct accents are not something I enjoy. I in actual fact despise the majority of accents- apart from the Yorkshire of course. So, back to the point- hearing the Scottish accent everywhere we went was probably the least enjoyable experience… But with that aside, Edinburgh was definitely one of the most beautiful and interesting cities I have been to and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. 10/10.

photo 1 (1)
We were a little excited…

For our first full day there we took a trip into the centre and did what any normal people would do after traveling so far…. Shop. Despite the fact that the shops there were no different to what we’re used to having in Leeds, it seemed different and a lot better, just because you know- we were in Edinburgh.

Shopping aside- we were lucky enough to be there on the last day of the Christmas market. wow. it was huge! It was so festive and so pretty with incredible stalls selling things from decorations and ornaments to food that smelt insane. We sampled some juicy burgers and churros with Nutella- my personal fav.

photo 2 (2)
The Christmas Market from afar!

Next on our touristy attraction list was the Castle. After a slightly exhausting uphill walk, we made it. From a distance the Castle is rather picturesque- obviously everyone else agreed considering all you could see the whole walk up were cameras, phones and of course selfie sticks. To walk around the Castle grounds itself would have been lovely- but also had a lovely price so we decided against that.. But all in all the Castle was very pretty and is something I suppose you can’t really go to Edinburgh and not see!

photo 4 (2)
The Castle in all its glory…

Our final full day consisted of a visit to the Zoo. Which was honestly so much fun! It was made even better when we both got charged student prices- even though I’m the only one that’s a student, so all in all it was a pretty cheap and cheerful day! The best part for me was being able to see a panda- it literally just looked like a giant teddy but it was so cute! The zoo is definitely another place I would say you have to visit if you go to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh was definitely one of my favourite mini-breaks I have been on and is somewhere I would definitely recommend and would love to visit again. Aside from the touristy attractions we saw, we also sampled some great food at Vittoria on the bridge which was a lovely, romantic Italian restaurant and we of course had plenty of cocktails and evening drinks- well, what better way is there to spend an evening?

photo 5 (1)
Cocktails and sweets- my kinda drink..

So, overall- Edinburgh gets a gold star from me and I hope to be back soon.


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