Prezzo in The Light Leeds


I’ve honestly never met anyone in my life so far that doesn’t like at least one type of Italian food- I mean what’s not to love? Pizza, pasta, ice cream- its the best.

I visited Prezzo, in The Light in Leeds city centre, with 3 of my most wonderful friends on Thursday evening and it was delicious! I’ve always loved Prezzo, but definitely do not go there often enough.

We were greeted with a warm welcome and seated at a table, that in all honestly was not big enough for the 4 of us! But hey we moved past that, we’re all close enough by now anyways haha. The ambience of the restaurant really impressed me, it felt very classy, chic and modern which was perfect for us classy ladies of course…

Service was very prompt, although we did take a rather long time to decide what to eat- but that’s only down to the fact that simply everything on the menu sounded delish. A pizza, calzone and two pasta dishes were our chosen options and they certainly did not disappoint. I chose spaghetti with king prawns- I adore seafood and the amount of prawns wasn’t skimpy so that’s always a winner for me. It was cooked in a chilli and garlic sauce which, to be honest, was hotter than expected but still delightful none the less.

Main courses.

Now, I am 100% a dessert person. I have such a sweet tooth and we were all on the same page on this evening too. However, as tasty as my dessert was, the portion size, in my opinion and rather in all of our opinions, was definitely not worth paying £6.99 for… So maybe in future those will have to be saved for a ‘special occasion’. They were very delicious though nonetheless.

Dessert- it actually looks a lot bigger here than what it was…

So of course no evening with the girls would be complete without a few cocktails following the bottle of wine we had with dinner obviously.. We decided to go to The Liquorist, situated on Greek Street in Leeds city centre also. (My boyfriend works there so cheap drinks are always a winner with me and my friends lol) but it is actually a rather chilled, quirky place and somewhere definitely worth checking out as opposed to the same old usual spots.

Who doesn’t love a cocktail?

All in all, my evening consisted of fabulous food, fancy cocktails and even better company-what more does a girl need?  I will definitely be visiting both places again soon!



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