Chocolate, festivals and more chocolate… Well, it was a Bank Holiday!

Easter Bank Holiday has always been a winner for me as what could be better than time off work and lots of chocolate? Absolutely nothing!

My Easter Weekend began when I heard the jingling of a bell outside my bedroom door at home.. Many things crossed my mind, was it my cat? Had Santa come very early? I was confused to say the least. Anyhow- I opened my door and heard what can only be described as someone running away as if they’d just be found robbing a bank it was that speedy! I looked on the floor and saw a cute Lindt chocolate bunny just sat there, with its red ribbon and bell. How cute. I soon realised that the ringing sound was my mum trying to be sly.. Bless..

There he is, in all his glory outside my bedroom!

On Easter Sunday itself I was up bright and early and headed to Sheffield to meet two of my best friends to go to a one evening only festival type thing called Springfest. We went last year and had the most amazing time, so it’s 100% going to become a tradition. Once again it didn’t disappoint and we had a fabulous time! Although admittedly too much alcohol was consumed resulting in a broken phone and one too many trips to the medical room. But hey- we’re young, that’s life. Still had the best time and will definitely be returning next year!


On Monday evening, I hadn’t quite got over the Easter vibes so decided to make Easter nests or buns or cakes or whatever people call them with my boyfriend- who was pretty reluctant at first, but I think he secretly enjoyed it, mainly because he got to eat them after! They are literally 3 ingredients, but taste so good and look so cute!

Deliciousness right there.

And that pretty much sums up my Easter weekend for 2016.. Chocolate, friends, chocolate, alcohol, chocolate, a festival and yeah- more chocolate! Don’t think I’ll be eating anymore chocolate for a while…. HA- we all know that’s a lie.

The best!

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