Bibis Italianissio Restaurant and Cocktail bar in Leeds

As Sunday evenings go, my previous one was filled a few of my favourite things in life- food, alcohol and my rather delightful boyfriend for treating me to such things.

We eat out fairly regularly in all honestly- mainly because Calum is a rather fussy eater and well,Β I’m not exactly an established cook. This week we decided to try somewhere neither of us had been before and as Italian food is something we both enjoy, we chose Bibis Italianissio restaurant and cocktail bar.

The restaurant is situated within a 10 minute walk from Leeds central train station and is opposite the Trinity car park- so it’s in a pretty good location.

The interior is very spacious with a long rather fancy bar as the main feature as you enter the building. All staff were welcoming and friendly- and all Italian, which is always a nice touch.

For starters we shared a very delicious mozzarella and oregano topped pizza. It’s supposed to be garlic bread, but Calum hates garlic- told you he was fussy…


Starters arrived fairly promptly and were also eaten pretty quickly too- it wasΒ  very yummy. For our main courses, I had a calzone filled with various Italian meats and a whole lot of mozzarella. Calum had a lasagne and added enough parmesan cheese for about 5 people.. Both were thoroughly enjoyed.


Now- can you really go out for dinner and not eat dessert? I don’t think so.. I had the most divine dark chocolate sponge pudding with dark chocolate sauce and ice cream- it was bellissimo for sure. Calum had an ice cream sundae which he also highly praised.


So would I return to Bibis? I sure would. The food was incredible, service was commendable and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Would definitely recommend!

After dinner, we decided the best way to end the night was with a bottle of prosecco- is there really any other way?!


All in all, I had a pretty fabulous Sunday. I mean hey, what more does a girl need…


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