The Dry Dock in Leeds

‘The Dry Dock’ in Leeds is a hangout I’ve heard many positive things about from many people, mainly students. However I personally have only ever been in there when I have been pretty much insanely drunk due to it being the last pub on the Otley run.. Needless to say, I hadn’t essentially taken in the aura of the place, until a few weeks ago!

Aside from the fact that the venue itself is basically a boat turned bar/restaurant which is pretty amazing in itself- the menu is rather delightful as well. There’s a huge range of choice- definitely something for everyone- from burgers, to hot dogs, to salads, to chicken wings, to sharing platters… You get the idea! The price is also very very good for us students who are (well should be) watching what we spend..

I chose the chicken melt burger- just £5.95 for everything, including fries which I thought was incredibly cheap! The quality was definitely worth paying more for as well- so definitely a win win situation. I personally don’t think any meal is complete without dessert and what could be better than cookie dough, brownies, ice cream and chocolate sauce? I know right! Dreamy.

Whilst waiting for our food we decided to have a little game of chess- as you do.. They have loads of cool quirky games as well as classics like chess and connect four which adds to the chilled out vibe of the venue and makes the time go faster whilst you’re waiting for your food which is pretty handy too.

All in all, I would say The Dry Dock is a very chilled, student friendly place with food for everyone and a good atmosphere to chill out in during the day or get drunk in during the night- 2 in 1!


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