Miller and Carter Steakhouse in Chester

If you’re a fan of well-cooked, quality meat and a restaurant that oozes class and elegance, then Miller and Carter Steakhouse should be high on your list of must go to venues.

With 57 venues throughout the country, they sure know how to make dining out a real treat. The Chester restaurant is one most recently visited for myself, even though it is around a 10 minute walk from the city centre- it’s certainly worth it.

As the venue is entered eyes are drawn to the wooden beamed ceilings, plush leather booths to be seated at and an open kitchen which is a treat for the eyes to see freshly cooked and prepared food, as well as filling the restaurant with a divine aroma.

Each table is lit with candlelight which adds a glow and a feeling of warmth allowing for a relaxed, but sophisticated atmosphere. Staff are very attentive and welcoming, which always makes for an enjoyable experience.

Prosecco is always a good choice!

Drinks wise- if it’s a special occasion or simply just a treat a classic bottle of Italian Prosecco is always a fabulous idea and for just over £20 a bottle, it’s a sure winner. They also offer a vast selection of red, white and rose wines, ciders and soft drinks as well as tempting cocktails. Plenty of choice!

Now on to the best part- the food. For starters what could be better than warm, soft, doughy melted cheese topped garlic bread? If that’s not enough to make your mouth water even a little bit, then their extensive range of starters and sharers should definitely do the trick.

Nachos, calamari, chipotle chicken, scallops, cheddar mushrooms, king prawns, olives, a bread platter with dips, a sharing board of all the above and more… Something is sure to catch your eye and making your tummy rumble.

Now, with Miller and Carter being a steakhouse- its fair to say that it is definitely their speciality. They serve rump, sirloin, ribeye, fillet, T-bone and a few others in all different sizes- who knew there was such variety? Spoilt for choice! Obviously these are all cooked to your preference and are served with your choice of sauce – peppercorn, béarnaise, cheese and truffle oil, just to name a few and a side such as chips, roasted veg or even mac and cheese or lobster if you’re feeling hungry. The steaks also come with an iceberg wedge with a dressing of your choice such as garlic mayo and parmesan or stilton and blue cheese which is a complimentary extra.

If you enjoy meat, but a steak is just not to your taste, the range of other options is sure to meet your criteria. Slow cooked brisket, honey and chilli glazed chicken, smokey BBQ ribs, lamb rump – all sounds dreamy. If you’re still not satisfied, they also do burgers, pasta, salads and a selection of seafood, so even if you don’t eat meat, there’s still plenty of options. Honestly if there’s nothing you like the sound of – what on earth do you eat?! There really is something for everyone. They even do a kids menu and the mini steaks are the cutest things!

Dreamy food.

If you still have room, then the desert menu is definitely not worth missing. Again full of such choice, banoffee bakewell tart, chocolate brownie, crème brulee, chocolate fondant, fruit tart, cheese boards- the list goes on. They also offer mini crème brulees and mini chocolate pots if you can’t quite squeeze a full desert in!

A selection of hot drinks are also available to finish the meal and if you fancy something with a bit of a kick, why not try one of their liquor hot chocolates? The perfect way to end a pretty perfect dinner.

The best part of any meal.

Miller and Carter Steakhouse is definitely a restaurant that should be visited if you like quality, well cooked food, with plenty of choice, a classy and elegant dining experience with friendly and attentive staff.

10/10, would certainly recommend.



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