Revolution, Electric Press in Leeds

If you fancy a venue that’s cool and relaxed yet full of life and atmosphere – with great food and drink – then Revolution Electric Press (or Revs as its likely to be known) in Leeds is an ideal location.

The venue is situated just on the outskirts of the city centre making it an ideal place for a lunch, dinner or for evening drinks.

It’s clear Cocktails are a big thing in this bar and the choice is pretty extensive. Classics include mojitos, cosmopolitans, various martinis and spritzers. But if you’re feeling the spring/summer vibes, something from the ‘tropical’ selection might take your fancy such as captain coconut or a rum bongo – a personal favourite, fruity cocktails are the best! Revs also do sharing cocktails and mocktails for those lighter nights and a whole load of other options, there will definitely be something to tempt you. Check out the menu before you go as you may find yourself struggling on the spot with the great range of choice.

Blue Movie cocktails at Revs Leeds. Absolut Berri Acai Vodka, Blue Curacao, lemon, apple juice and lemonade. Very refreshing.

Other drinks at revs are pretty similar to most places, a selection of spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks, the real highlights are the cocktails in all honesty. Although, the vodka flavour shot sticks should definitely not be forgotten. Would most likely recommend these for a Friday or Saturday night, not an ideal tipple for afternoon lunch… They come as a single shot, six shots or ten shots and include a variety of flavours that you can mix and match including, salted caramel popcorn, bubblegum, jelly baby, birthday cake and chilli. Yeah, there’s certainly a variety! Some are pretty nice, others not so much, but you be the judge of that…

Now onto the food. It’s never entirely clear what sort of food to expect from a place that is predominately a bar, however the menu at Revs can be said to offer a wide selection of options and covers pretty much all areas of food you could fancy. Standard mains include classic fish and chips, chicken Caesar salad, steak, chicken curry and lobster ravioli to name a few. They also do a selection of burgers, sandwiches and stone baked pizzas.

If you’re not particularly hungry or are sharing with friends then Revs small plates could be ideal. They’re 3 for £14 and include nachos, calamari, sweet potato wedges and garlic flatbread.

Steak served with garlic butter, chips and salad and the chorizo and mozzarella baked sandwich with sweet potato fries and salad.

Everyone loves offers and discounts and Revs don’t shy away from that with their ‘Revolution card’. The card is just £3 to buy and when you register you can receive up to £100 worth of vouchers and exclusive offers. The card entitles you to 2-4-1 cocktails, at selected times, 25% off food, again at selected times, a six shot stick for £6, a single Stoli and mixer from £2.50 and many more. Make sure you check out all the terms and conditions as well as looking at all the other offers you can get.

The venue is open plan which makes it feel spacious and there’s plenty of areas for eating and drinking including booths, a downstairs and also a courtyard which is pleasant. There’s three bars in total, although waiting time for drinks can be quite long during peak times. But this is soon forgotten once they’re presented well and taste as good as they do.

The atmosphere is electric on weekend evenings with great music and a very busy venue. During quieter hours the candlelit tables and wooden interior make for a relaxing and welcoming location.

Revolution Electric Press in Leeds is definitely a venue that should be visited for good food, good drinks and good times.



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