Face Masks


Superdrug, Boots & 7th Heaven masks.


There’s nothing greater than well deserved ‘me time’ and what could be a better way to spend it than by pampering and relaxing! Face masks are an amazing way to unwind, de-stress and give your skin some TLC.

Gone are they days of being stuck for choice and limited to only a few companies selling the face masks, and some being incredibly expensive, as there aren’t many brands that don’t sell them anymore. So I guess you could say they’re pretty on trend at the minute…

Boots face mask

Boots have a really great range of face masks and sell many brands such as 7th heaven, Garnier and Sanctuary to name a few, but their own sheet masks are really nice and not bad value for money, they’re £2.50 each. They all come with different scents, which aren’t too overpowering and are for specific things. This one is for luminous youth but they do ones for radiance, energising, hydrating and others. The mask was really easy to apply and take off with no mess or need to rinse. Sounds silly, but honestly you can feel your skin being hydrated and refreshed as it absorbs into your skin – it’s amazing. Such a great, simple product, a great pick me up that you can feel instantly refreshed from! 9/10.

Superdrug peel off mask.

So another type of mask is a peel off one which Superdrug do for amazingly good value at only 99p – bargain! This one is ideal for all skin types which is handy and does smell very nice too. This was quite easy to put on, but a tad fiddly as the mask itself is quite runny and sticky so it was a bit of a challenge to actually get it on… That being said, once it was on, it set fast which is always good and it does feel nice on your skin. Taking it off was fast and couldn’t have been simpler. Literally just peeled off (obviously do this gently otherwise it would hurt!) without any hassle at all. There was a need to rinse off some excess afterwards which wasn’t too much of a problem and your skin feels softer and revitalised after. Easy to remove, not so easy to apply, but does deliver good results and is exceptional value for money! 8/10.

7th heaven coconut mask

Last but not least a more traditional face mask here with 7th Heavens creamy coconut one which is for dry and tired skin (tired is definitely relatable) and is supposed to provide a hydrating vitality boost. A variety of shops sell this brand, such as Boots, Asda, even Wilko and they usually retail for around a £1, which is amazing value. This is by far the best smelling mask, if you like coconut that is! It feels soft and is easy to apply as the texture is quite thick so it stays on your skin as soon as its applied. It does take a while to dry so feels a bit funny on your face at times – it’s definitely one you can’t multitask whilst wearing! Taking it off takes a bit more effort than the others as you’ve really got to rinse your skin very well to make sure it all comes off. So it definitely takes a bit more effort. Once it is off though your skin does still smell lovely and does feel moisturised, it’s very nourishing. Incredible value for money, slightly time consuming, but good results. 7/10.


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