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If you haven’t guessed by the name of my site, then my name is Abbey Louise Gray. I’m 21, I live in the wonderful city of Leeds and am in my final year studying journalism/PR at Leeds Trinity University.

My blog mainly features three of my favourite things: eating out, home décor and beauty products.

If you live in or are visiting Leeds be sure to check out the food section of my blog, as it features many unique and non-chain restaurants that offer great food at an even better price! So if you’re a student or on a budget, give them a read…

*As part of my degree, I will be focusing specifically on the food element of my blog between November and March. The content will still be the same theme – tasty food, at a suitable price if you’re on a budget.*

I recently moved into my own flat with my boyfriend and have become passionate about my home décor and if I’m honest, that’s where all my money goes! There’s also a few posts on places I’ve been and fun things I’ve done! So for some inspiration on all things interior and, well, life, visit the lifestyle section of my site…

What girl doesn’t love a pamper every now and then? I certainly do and share all my favourite products and tips in the beauty section of my page…

Hope you enjoy my site!






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