Head of Steam in Headingley

If you're a student in Leeds there's a huge chance that you'll currently live or will at some point, in or around Headingley. This is a good thing for many reasons - close to uni, close to the city centre being Leeds and more importantly, there's some decent restaurants and bars so your social life... Continue Reading →


Vegan eateries in Leeds

As more and more people are growing interested in becoming a vegan or sampling vegan food, there's no surprise that new vegan restaurants are opening or current venues are adapting their menus to cater. The previous post looked into veganuary, the facts and also the opinions of young people living in Leeds about becoming vegan. A concern... Continue Reading →

Tapped in Leeds

We often hear that it's the simple things in life that bring the most joy or that 'the little things' are what counts, do you agree? If so, Tapped is likely to satisfy your needs as they simply serve tasty, warm doughy pizza and a variety of beers and ales - you can't go wrong!... Continue Reading →

Yankee Candle, wax melt

I am completely obsessed with candles. It's a fact! I mean what's not to love? They smell amazing, they look pretty and they make your home feel really cosy and relaxed. My favourite candles are Yankee, I just think they always have nice, long lasting scents and I love their design. So I wanted to... Continue Reading →

LS6 Cafe in Hyde Park

Bored of waking up in the morning and seeing nothing but cereal and toast as your options to start the day? Struggle to get out of bed early enough to give yourself time to make breakfast because you value sleep more? Or are you sick of that awkward tummy rumble during a lecture or meeting... Continue Reading →

Stampede by Cattle Grid in Leeds

Attention all lovers of hearty, flavoursome, mouth watering meat - you need to visit Stampede in Leeds, Albion Street. You're guaranteed to leave feeling fully satisfied with the food and the price you'll pay for it, as Stampedes prices are perfect for quality food that doesn't leave you needing to take out a loan. Students this one... Continue Reading →


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