Miller and Carter Steakhouse, Chester

If you're a fan of well-cooked, quality meat and a restaurant that oozes class and elegance, then Miller and Carter Steakhouse should be high on your list of must go to venues. With 57 venues throughout the country, they sure know how to make dining out a real treat. The Chester restaurant is one most recently... Continue Reading →


Hanky Panky Pancakes, Chester

Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth- Hanky Panky Pancakes is a delight for the taste buds and easy on the wallet too. Situated on a quaint side street away from the hustle and bustle of Chester city centre the venue is one not to be overlooked. Thin and crisp or thick and doughy the... Continue Reading →

The Dry Dock, Leeds

'The Dry Dock' in Leeds is a hangout I've heard many positive things about from many people, mainly students. However I personally have only ever been in there when I have been pretty much insanely drunk due to it being the last pub on the Otley run.. Needless to say, I hadn't essentially taken in... Continue Reading →

Jump Arena, Kirkstall, Leeds

An arena filled with nothing but trampolines, obstacle courses and foam pits for you to literally jump into- sounds fun right? Yes if definitely the correct answer. 'Jump Arena' has recently opened in Leeds, just off Kirkstall road and is definitely worth checking out for a number of reasons: 1- it's something totally different and... Continue Reading →

Prezzo, The Light Leeds

I've honestly never met anyone in my life so far that doesn't like at least one type of Italian food- I mean what's not to love? Pizza, pasta, ice cream- its the best. I visited Prezzo, in The Light in Leeds city centre, with 3 of my most wonderful friends on Thursday evening and it was delicious!... Continue Reading →


I absolutely love visiting and exploring new places and Edinburgh has been my most recent adventure. My boyfriend and I visited for our 1 year anniversary, just over a month ago now, and we spent a few days doing as much sight seeing and eating and drinking there as we could. Now- for anyone who... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself and I…

So for my first post I thought it'd be a good idea to write and share a bit about myself and my life. I am now instantly regretting this decision as I totally have writers block- who knew my life was so boring.. I suppose I could go with the basics first- I am a... Continue Reading →

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